Custom Charm Design in Silver focus

Trust silver charm drawing

A simple brief for a Custom Charm Design

This job started with a very simple brief. The concept given by the customer was of “the circle of trust”. A custom charm design was requested. The final result was to be “about the size of a five pence piece”.

Custom charm design render

CAD visualisation of the Custom Charm Design

We use CAD to create 3D Models. These models can then be shown to the customer. This gives a better idea of what the final item will look like.

Bespoke silver charm in CAD

Custom charm wax model

Creating a Wax model of the Custom Charm design

A wax model is milled out in the CNC milling machine. This wax model is then used in lost wax casting.

Casting the Custom Charm in Silver

After the wax model is used in casting molten silver it is ready for the next stage. The item is cleaned up, buffed and polished. This brings it up to a high shine.

Bespoke silver charm render

The Finished piece of jewellery

The Charm could have been made in any precious metal. The options of gold or platinum were offered. The clients existing charms meant that we would be making the charm in silver. This was quite a straight-forward job really. The customer had a good idea of what they wanted. It was a pleasure to work on this job. If you have something more complicated in mind, don’t worry! We love a challenge. Your idea can be as complex as you like.

Finished Custom Silver Charm

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We don’t just design custom charms. We can create a range of bespoke jewellery. We can design custom rings. We design bespoke wedding rings. We create custom engagement rings. We create bespoke bracelets and bangles. We can turn your ideas for necklaces into reality. We work in Gold, Platinum and Silver. We design to your specification and budget.

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Great feedback from another happy customer

We love receiving good feedback from our customers. The jewellery design team and our goldsmiths were pleased to see this great review posted on our Google+ page. Thanks for the kind comments Stuart.

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