Proposing to your Man on February 29th

Sieze your Quadrennial opportunity to propose

A leap year occurs only every 4 years. This is because the Earth actually take about 365.24 days to go around the Sun (There are also leap centuries to make up for the missing little fraction of time). Traditionally a Man proposes to a Woman. On a leap year, however, custom dictates that the roles can be reversed. I.e. you can ask him to marry you! This 29th of February could mark a cosmic event in your lives.

Remember that it is his proposal to make special

If he were proposing to you, he would probably take you to your favourite restaurant or after taking you shopping or your favourite activity. With the roles reversed you probably want to think about where he would be happiest being proposed to.

Don’t let it break you up if he says no!

For a lot of guys it won’t matter if it is a leap year or not. Their ego just won’t allow them to be proposed to. Some guys just have to be the ones doing the asking. You probably have a pretty good idea of what the answer will be if you are actually asking in the first place.

Proposing with an engaging gift

Perhaps you’re not going to get down on one knee with a ring. But a great alternative to the classic engagement ring is an engagement watch. This is becoming more are more popular with the girl getting a ring and the guy getting a watch to even things up.

We recommend something really classy like a Raymond Weil or Dreyfuss & Co. Watch. However if he has a favourite brand then why not go for that (We have lots to choose from).

A few places to consider proposing to him

  • At a sports game or gig
  • Over a romantic meal in his favourite restaurant
  • On holiday or in a long weekend away
  • In private, away from onlookers
  • During a romantic picnic
  • In front of all his family and friends

Choosing the perfect engagement gift for him

If you are looking to buy him something extra special to mark your engagement, there are a number of way in which we can help. We offer a free engraving service on almost every item purchased from us on-line or in either of our Worcester stores. We also offer a free personalised plaque with every item purchased. Two ways to make your gift that little bit more personal.

A few items that might suit him

Thanks for reading, and if you are planning to pop the question – GOOD LUCK x