Valentines Day Gifts for her from ICE 2016

Valentines Day is here again. Don’t panic though! At ICE Fine Jewellery we have a range of Valentines Day Gifts for her. Amy has taken the time to highlight a little of our range. She has looked closer at a few of her favourites and picked items to suit all budgets. We also offer free engraving on all items sold through our Web shop or in-store (where possible). Each item can also be sold with a free personalised plaque.

1) Hot Diamond Clamour Heart Locket T-Bar Bracelet

This bracelet is perfect for that special person in your life that wants to keep you close by. The traditional locket opens up to reveal a beautiful rose gold coloured interior, perfect for a photo of you, the both of you… Or a photo of the cat! It is a very dramatic statement piece that will work well with any outfit and the addition of the set in diamond really adds glamour, perfect for a valentine’s night out.

2) Hot Diamond’s Diamond Life Tied Knot Silver and 18ct Rose Gold-Tone Charm

A perfect addition to the bracelet you got for her birthday, the two tone effect allows this piece to work with all other types of jewellery. The two hearts, as stated in the name, symbolise a life tied knot and is perfect to mark the twists and turns of your life together, showing that nothing can break that bond. With the addition of a 1pt diamond, this charm has the wow factor. At a very affordable price, this charm is one of our perfect Valentines Day Gifts for Her… Don’t forget the flowers and chocolates!

3) 18ct White Gold 1.00ct Cerchi Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend and these would definitely be invited round for a cup of tea and a good gossip! These earrings are timeless, effortless and very classic. They are a statement all their own and can be worn with other pieces or solo, to give any outfit an elegant and very glamorous touch. The round, brilliant cut diamonds are exquisite and catch the light beautifully at any angle. Any girl would be thrilled to receive such earrings… Isn’t she worth it?

See the rest of own very own Cerchi range here.

4) Sphere of Life My Girl Pendant and Chain

The perfect way to show someone just how much they mean to you. Any girl would go weak at the knees when their partner refers to them as ‘his girl’. It is a very endearing turn of phrase and this piece fits that perfectly. The two tone effect can be paired with all other types of jewellery. The presence of the yellow gold angel can symbolise all manner of different things but, just as the caption on the item states, it is ‘a beautiful way to keep you angel close… Lovely.

5) Michael Kors Rose Gold Parker Chronograph Watch

Just the name, Michael Kors, will give her a twinkle in her eye. The decision as to which Michael Kors to choose is always a difficult one, but this is an all time favourite and with the rose gold finish, it certainly makes this watch very desirable and very much on trend. With the crystals set into the face and around the glass, it gives this watch that extra touch of sparkle that every girl looks for. All that is needed now is the matching handbag!

More Valentines Day Gifts for Her on-line and in-store

We hope this has helped you to find a few perfect Valentines Day gifts for her. Please browse through our Web shop to find more Valentines day gifts for her or visit our Worcester shops, ICE Fine Jewellery and Ian Quartermaine Jewellers and Goldsmiths. Click here for more information about our Ian Quartermaine Shop

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